Nice to virtually meet you.

Hi, I'm April (Swinson) Smasal and I grew up in the middle-of-nowhere Wyoming, where it seemed the career options were limited to rodeo queen and writer. Foregoing the lure of an impressive belt buckle collection, I opted for the word thing. After moving to the Midwest and pursuing writing in college, I decided to stay and work as a writer and creative director for agencies like FAME and Olson, creating for brands with names you likely recognize: Lancome, Caribou, Aveda, Sunkist, FAO Shwarz, Target, General Mills, Illume and Saucony. As a freelancer, I go by the name Mo Gladly and love creating voice and personality for brands big and small. I live in St. Paul with my husband, Nick, my brand-new baby boy, Hank Danger, and very cute, but very spoiled French Bulldog, Arnold E. Biscuits. I go back to Wyoming to visit often, but my name never appears in any rodeo programs.


Write. Call. Or just lurk if you like. Just kidding, don't lurk. That'd be weird and creepy. 

Want to work together? What a crazy coincidence because I was thinking we should do that, too. Email me at

Oh. And if crappy French Bulldog photography is your thing, you'll love me on Instagram: